A client has an audio recording from an interview and it was recorded in Germany or Italy. They need a transcript FAST and the text converted into English so they can complete a report for their Client. Holy Translation will take that audio file, do some pre transcription tasks to ensure the quality of the file, assign an appropriate translator to listen to the file and transcribe it into the TARGET language. This is the only cost effective way to do transcription.

Once a file is simultaneously translated and transcribed, it goes through an editing process by an editor to make sure that the file is accurate.


Transcription is difficult. It requires utmost concentration. A translator needs to listen to a sentence, sometimes, over 15 times before they finally understand the term or product name. An important step in transcription is to create a glossary beforehand to speed up the process. And after the process, the PM listens to the transcription and the audio file to make sure there are no problem areas.